We offer a wide variety of classes in Gymnastics for Girls and Boys from Pre-School to High School, Cheer Tumbling as well as Competitive Teams and Private Instruction. Our experienced and talented Staff Members are dedicated to developing our students in gymnastics which in turn will help our students excel in all facets of their lives.

Watch the 2020 Ryan Keller Scholarship award ceremony!


Winner: Marshall Burrows

Gym: Dardano's School of Gymnastics

College: Utah State University


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We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy.  


Every month a gymnast is recognized for their accomplishment(s) in their class for the past month. These accomplishments can be learning a new skill, courteousness, appropriate class behavior, exceptional class participation, hard work, dedication, perserverance or persistance.


Honoring Ryan's Memory

ryan med

 The Ryan Keller Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Ryan Keller, a Golden Gymnastics team member who lost his young life in a auto accident on March 4, 2003. Ryan had just turned 16 two months before and was driving in a snowstorm on a steep hill when he lost control of his car.



 We hope everyone is staying Safe and Healthy?

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Steve and Mary Beth