Team Philosophy

Every child has the right to excel in his given talents. Our job is to assist our athletes in achieving their dreams realistically and to guide them to a better understanding of themselves and gymnastics. We believe that the better you train, the better you will compete. The more consistent you are in the gym, the more consistent your competitions will be. We also believe that competition (gymnastics meets) is a means of outside measurement and not the determination of failure or success. We do expect our athletes to strive for excellence in all facets of their lives, and we hope that gymnastics will continue to be a positive aspect. We believe if you have fun and work hard, you will continue to be successful throughout your life.


Coaches will make all decisions on workouts and competitions. The coaches are most aware of an athlete's preparedness and will make all decisions as to when the athlete is ready to compete. Competition readiness is generally determined by work out success and routine experience.


  • Insurance coverage must be provided by the gymnast's parents.
  • Feel free to watch any and all practices, unless otherwise stated by the Head Coach.
  • Feel free to discuss your child with coaches, before or after practice, if time permits. Contact the coach (at the gym) if further discussion is needed.
  • Please inform the coaches of any illness or psychological stress the athlete may be experiencing. (for example: A death in the family, flu or any other illness or injuries)
  • Please refrain from coaching your children in the gym or at home. Allow the coaches to do their job unhindered.

Gymnast Responsibilities

  • Always come to practice ready and willing to work hard, participate and give 100% effort.
  • Arrive on time. (There are always exceptions, just don't create any bad habits)
  • Always check personnel equipment, grips, theraband, tape, music, etc.... These items are your responsibility not the coaches or your parents.
  • Always listen to your coaches and respond in a respectful manner.
  • Stay on task; keep your mind on what you are doing. Don't let socializing interfere with your progress.
  • Do your conditioning to the best of your ability. Being thorough in this area is often the difference in healing quicker from an injury, success with skills and progressing to a higher level.
  • Pay close attention when walking in the gym, so as not to interfere with another athlete or recreational classes.
  • Do not attempt new skills without a coach's consent and presence.
  • Eat properly! Make sure you are eating the correct foods. Poor nutrition may interfere with progress, injury prevention and recovery.
  • NO gum chewing OR eating while working out.
  • Communicate with your coaches. They are not mind readers. If there is an injury or there is a possible problem, resolve things before they become bigger problems.
  • Insurance coverage must be provided by the gymnast's parents.